Changzhou Kairun Machinery co.,ltd. is located at the lakeside of beautiful Lake Tai and at the foot of Mount Long, with newly-built Taihu Road (only way to the Grand Buddha at Ling Shan) and Huyi Highway in the nearby, easily accessible.
  Changzhou Kairun Machinery co.,ltd., as a manufacturer devoted to R&D of pneumatic conveying equipment and owning a good many advanced technologies, is specialized in manufacturing a variety of ceramic valves, wear-resistant valves, special type valves, power station valves, and spare parts for fly ash system of thermal power plant. The company owns many middle-level and senior technicians and advanced manufacturing, testing and inspection instrumentations.
  Pneumatic conveying is a mode with materials and pressure, which produce big impacts on and bring big wear to valves that are a key part of the pneumatic conveying system. Ideal valves shall have the advantages of strong wearability, good stability and long service life; however,currently valves in widespread use in the pneumatic conveying industry are of bad wearability and stability. The average service life of home-made valves is three months or so and that of imported valves is half a year to one year either, which needs frequent replacement of valves during production, thus both affecting benefits and increasing operation cost. Aiming at this, Changzhou Kairun Machinery co.,ltd., after repeated researches and testing by all technical personnel and with hard efforts of all employees, has successfully developed “PG double-disc air-lock wear-resistant ceramic valve” and “wear-resistant rotary valve”, which enhance the sealing performance of valve core and seat, reduce wear and prolong the service life of valves (generally 1-3 years) so that they can completely supersede imported valves with proper price and a wide range of service temperature.
  The valves are mainly used for opening and closing of charging and discharging of gas and slag in dry ash system of power plant, and also applicable for opening and closing of such media as wear and corrosion-resistant fine dust, water, oil and vapor at tube edge in the industries of mining, paper-making and petrochemical etc. PG double-disc air-lock wear-resistant ceramic valve has the advantages of good sealing property, high temperature resistance, strong wearability, easy starting, no ash deposit and long service life.
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