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Seal ring of inflatable dome valve

Our company supplies superior spare parts such as seal ring and dome valve, etc. for air conveying system. Our company specializes in research and manufacture of electric, petrochemical, cement and metallurgical fittings, supply of imported device spare parts after domestication, digestive absorption of foreign techniques. Our company has developed critical part-sealing airbag of dome valve and perfected technique on dome valve in combination with operating conditions of unit equipments at home, enabling the products to reach the world advanced level and to take place of sealing airbag and series dome valve products manufacture by Clyde, Britain and Pneuplan, Finland and to be popularized in electric power systems. With features of reasonable price, punctual delivery and long service life, the series products can fully replace imported ones and have be generally recognized by industries.

The company strictly follow the ISO9001 quality system equipped with sufficient technical strength and first-class testing equipment to ensure international leader in providing customers with quality products.The valve is suitable for electric power petrochemical, cement and metallurgical etc. Warmly welcome friends and my company's cooperation and exchange.

The rubber seal ring is made of special rubber characterized by high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and aging resistance as well as long service life. Upon opening of the valve, the feed inlet opens to full extent without obstruction. The valve is suitable for materials such as gas, liquid, semi-fluid and solid powder, etc.

  Main technical parameters:
Material: imported fluororubber, applicable temperature: ≤200 (℃), hardness: Shore type A 50~60. The pressure of rubber seal ring should be 0.4~0.6MPa and higher than conveying pressure 0.15MPa, the working pressure of cylinder is 0.4~0.6MPa, and clean, dry and oilless compressed air is used.


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