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Corrugated pipe

Corrugated pipe                          
(Our company has passed ISO9001:2000.)

The expansion joint consists of one corrugated pipe and two structures, it absorbs the axial displacement (also a part of lateral displacement) of pipelines via flexible deformation of the corrugated pipe, both ends of the expansion joint are connected with pipelines. In order to ensure the expansion joint is not damaged during transportation, the rigid support for the corrugated pipe is often fitted with fixing bolts, which are removed after the product is installed. Instruction for application: this type of expansion joint is mainly applied for compensating axial displacement, and can also be used to compensate lateral displacement with small compensation amount or axial and lateral resultant displacement. The capability for compensating angular displacement is available, but in general the expansion joint is not used to compensate angular displacement. In this series products the compensation amount is fulfilled by single-layer corrugated pipe, if it is replaced by double-or-multi-layer corrugated pipe, the compensation amount will be greatly increased. The pull rod in the middle of pipe plays a role of guaranteeing rigid support for corrugated pipe during transportation and installation of the expansion joint, the fixing bolts must be unscrewed after installation.
Application and principle
  he pneumatic three-way changeover valve is a commutator separating the materials conveyed in one way into two ways. The valve is advanced and reasonable in design, convenient and reliable in operation, and provides a reliable commutator for positive-pressure air conveyance in pipelines. This valve is extensively applied in conveying system of thermal power plant for conveyance of dry, loose solid materials such as dry ash, raw cement, limestone, pulverized coal and other powder materials. The sealing element in changeover valve is made of wear-resistant ceramic material and combined after match grinding, and can maintain reliable sealing for valve port passage with contact by plane and being pressurized by spring. The changeover valve is equipped with a pneumatic device (cylinder) enabling the valve to stop in proper position.
  Main technical parameters
   Working Pressure:0.3MPa         供气压力:0.4-0.6MPa
   Suitable temperature:-20℃<t<150℃     密封试验:1.0MPa

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