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Pneumatic three-way changeover valve

Pneumatic three-way changeover valve                          
(Our company has passed ISO9001:2000.)

 Purpose and principle
  The pneumatic three-way changeover valve is a commutator separating the materials conveyed in one way into two ways. The valve is advanced and reasonable in design, convenient and reliable in operation, and provides a reliable commutator for positive-pressure air conveyance in pipelines. This valve is extensively applied in conveying system of thermal power plant for conveyance of dry, loose solid materials such as dry ash, raw cement, limestone, pulverized coal and other powder materials. The sealing element in changeover valve is made of wear-resistant ceramic material and combined after match grinding, and can maintain reliable sealing for valve port passage with contact by plane and being pressurized by spring. The changeover valve is equipped with a pneumatic device (cylinder) enabling the valve to stop in proper position.
  Main technical parameters
   Working Pressure:0.3MPa         gas pressure:0.4-0.6MPa
   Suitable temperature:-20℃<t<150℃     seal test:1.0MPa
  Installation and adjustment
  In pursuit of optimal operation, during installation the control lever for valve location should be installed on top (most ideal) or side of the conveying line. The sealing of valve is realized via the superimposition between valve disk and valve seat. Therefore, the valve support should be independent of the conveying line and not withstand force from pipeline devices. In addition, measures should be taken to prevent the expansion of pipelines for heating from applying force on the valve.
The installation of changeover valve should be able to prevent air pressure in valve closing branch from   acting on the sealing surface of valve disk, as shown in the figure.
Operation and application:
  The transposition of valve disk should be carried out on condition that the system stops operation (no pressure), however, the valve should not be manipulated as the system is conveying materials, because:
(1)The valve disk is under pipeline pressure, the wear will accelerate if the valve disk is moved under load;
(2)Movement of the valve disk under load will produce a load higher than normal torque causing failure of the valve disk to operate normally;
(3)If transposition of the valve disk is performed during conveyance of materials by the system, the accumulation of materials will be created due to loss of pressure in some pipeline of the valve. As a result, abnormalities such as pipe jam, pressure fluctuation and overload of air compressor, etc. will be caused when this pipeline is enabled once more next time. Before transposition of the valve disk the conveying pipe should be cleared up and blown off. When transposition is made by manipulating the valve after stop of the system, it is quite favorable to rotate the control lever for valve location for several times first, and then to transpose the valve disk to required position, in such way the valve seat is cleaned and the life of valve is extended as well.
   During outage of conveying system, rotating the control lever for valve location is in favor of removing accumulating contaminants such as dust and condensed water, etc. so as to prolong the life of valve seat. 。
   Automatic opening and closing of the pneumatic changeover valve are accomplished by valve used pneumatic device (cylinder). After power source and air source are connected, the cylinder drives transposition of valve core to make the valve stop at proper location.
Pneumatic three-way changeover valve physical dimension and matched actuator:
Size(mm) coupling dimension physical dimension and matched actuator(mm)
150 285 240 757 720 470 22 97.5 123 287 8-Φ22
200 340 295 935 925 536 23 115 145 360 8-Φ22
250 395 350 1000 1038 590 25 137.5 150 410 12-Φ22
300 445 400 1070 1140 645 25 165 195 478 12-Φ22

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