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Inflatable dome valve


inflatable dome valve                          
(Our company has passed ISO9001:2000.)
Product introduction:
  The inflatable dome valve is a switchgear for gas conveyed materials and plays a role of opening and separating pipeline space. It is applicable to sealed conveying system for loose, dry, nonviscous and mobile solid materials, especially for ash and slag disposal system in thermal power plant. The closing and opening of the dome valve are realized via a ball valve and an inflatable rubber seal ring, and executed in a state of no pressure so as to fulfill contactless displacement of the ball valve and inflatable rubber seal ring.
  In accordance with different applications, the core of the dome valve is made of different materials, and different hardening treatments are performed for surface. The glossy and hard surface of valve core can guarantee the reliability of well and closed contact with the rubber seal ring. The rubber seal ring is made of special rubber characterized by high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and aging resistance as well as long service life. Upon opening of the valve, the feed inlet opens to full extent without obstruction. The valve is suitable for media such as gas, liquid, semi-fluid and solid powder.
Work principle:
  The dome valve core is a spherical dome, which during opening and closing of the dome valve keeps a clearance of approximate 0.5~1.2mm with the rubber seal ring, enabling them to move without contact with a purpose of preventing friction between the valve core and the rubber seal ring and reducing wear. The pneumatic actuator of the dome valve is a 90°rotary oscillating cylinder, which drives the valve core to rotate via a revolving shaft. The operating process of the dome valve core: the seal ring is inflated after rotation of the valve core stops, then the air is discharged from the seal ring before rotation of the valve core begins, the seal ring is not inflated, thus a cycle is completed.
  Normal state: when the valve core is in closing position, the adjusting bolt on rotor arm presses on mandrel of a two-position three-way motorized slide valve, the air source supplies air for the seal ring, and the pressure on the seal ring is displayed on manometer. Opening state: before action the 90°rotary oscillating cylinder discharges air inside the seal ring from the air vent of two-position three-way motorized slide valve via time delayer, at the moment the valve core starts rotating, during which the valve core does not contact the seal ring.
  Closing state: upon the closing instruction, the cylinder begins reverse action. As the valve core rotates to closing state, the adjusting bolt on rotor arm presses on mandrel of the two-position three-way motorized slide valve, and then the air source supplies air for the seal ring from the air inlet of the two-position three-way motorized slide valve via time delayer. (the time between closing in place and air inflation is accomplished via adjusting bolt.
Main technical parameters:
  公Nominal pressure: 1.0MPa, medium temperature: ≤180℃, strength test: 1.5MPa sealing test, 1.1MPa pneumatic actuator: 90°rotary oscillating cylinder, output torque of DN125 actuator: 300N?m/0.5MPa, the working pressure on cylinder is 0.4MPa~0.6MPa, the inflation pressure of the seal ring is 0.4MPa~0.6MPa and higher than conveying pressure 0.15MPa, and clean, dry and oilless compressed air is used.
Installation,Operationing instructions:
  1.Before installation this instruction should be carefully read, and type, full bore and technical parameters of the valve be checked.
  2.Before discharge of compressed air opening valve is forbidden! Water and wet materials are forbidden into valve!
  3.After installation of valve welding flange is forbidden to prevent from damaging the seal ring of valve. The installation distance for valve reserved in pipelines shall be appropriate, and gaskets shall be added on both sides of flange.
  4.The centers of two pipelines shall be remained coaxial with the center of valve full bore, and two sides of flange shall be smooth so as to guarantee clamping and normal operation of valve.
  5.The working conditions of dome valve shall be inspected at regular time, and abnormalities, if any, should be handled correctly in time.
  6.Lifting, installation, operation, test and repair should conform to safety regulations for operation.
  7.Before delivery the valve has been adjusted and dynamically tested, and the air pipe has been connected.
Table of physical dimension and coupling dimension of inflatable dome valve, and model of matched actuator
Size(mm) coupling dimension physical dimension and matched actuator(mm)
DN D K H L A B C E F G Z-Φd S-Φt
65 185 145 260 450 185 18 145 70 307 205 4-Φ18 4-Φ18
150 285 240 400 775 285 22 240 158 515 295 8-Φ22 8-Φ22
200 400 360 210 890 520 25 470 390 575 295 8-M16 8-Φ22
300 510 465 280 1070 690 28 630 495 660 295 8-M20 12-Φ27


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