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Z644Tc-10Q double-disc air-lock wear-resistant ceramic discharge valve (Type AB)

Z644Tc-10Q double-disc air-lock wear-resistant ceramic discharge valve (Type AB)
(Warning: The products are proprietary and patented, and unauthorized reproduction will be prosecuted,Patent No:ZL02262821.5)
(Our company has passed ISO9001:2000.)

PG双闸气锁耐磨陶瓷阀AB型  The valves are mainly used for opening and closing of charging and discharging of gas and slag in dry ash system of power plant, and also applicable for opening and closing of such media as wear and corrosion-resistant fine dust, water, oil and vapor at tube edge in the industries of mining, paper-making and petrochemical etc. PG double-disc air-lock wear-resistant ceramic valve has the advantages of good sealing property, high temperature resistance, strong wearability, easy starting, no ash deposit and long service life.


  • The body of KR double-disc air-lock wear-resistant ceramic valve is combined with cast steel, cast iron and wear-resistant ceramics.
  • Filler adopts fluorine rubber and carbon fiber packing
  • The nominal pressure of actuator is 0.4~0.6Mpa and the nominal pressure of valve is 1Mpa
  • Service temperature ≤250℃
  • The size is DN50~DN200, customizable according to user’s requirements
  Installation instructions to bleeder valve:
   Welcome to select the patented products of our company. In order to prolong service life and improve operating efficiency, this valve should be installed as vertical as possible, and if the conditions do not allow the installation should be carried out in 45°. For upside-down or horizontal installation, the idle conveying time must be extended so as to avoid ash accumulation in valve. In this valve the return signal adopts imported inductive magnetic switch two-wire system, and the signal line can adapt to both DC and AC via load. “Refer to the figure for installation of signal line”
  Operating instructions
   1、Before installation this instruction should be carefully read, and type, full bore and technical parameters of the valve be checked.
   2、After installation of valve welding flange is forbidden to prevent from damaging the seal ring of valve. The installation distance for valve reserved in pipelines shall be appropriate, and gaskets shall be added on both sides of flange.
   3、The centers of two pipelines shall be remained coaxial with the center of valve full bore, and two sides of flange shall be smooth so as to guarantee clamping and normal operation of valve.
Table of physical dimension and coupling dimension of Z644Tc-10Q double-disc air-lock wear-resistant ceramic discharge valve (Type AB), and model of matched actuator
Sizemm coupling dimension physical dimension and matched actuator(mm)
DN D D1 b Z-d L H FQGA
50 160 125 15 4-Ф18 200 464 80﹡65
65 180 145 15 4-Ф18 220 516 80﹡80
80 195 160 16 8-Ф18 250 632 100﹡95
100 215 180 16 8-Ф18 280 725 125﹡115
125 245 210 18 8-Ф18 320 807 125﹡140
150 280 240 18 8-Ф22 360 905 160﹡165
200 335 295 20 8-Ф22 334 1120 200﹡220

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